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A Letter from Gina/LE Annoucements!

Stress Relief for New York City!


My Journey 'back' to New York City....

                                                                                October 29, 2007


Greetings & Welcome to the Massage Portion of my website!


I can’t ‘stress’ enough how much this work has affected my life.  While residing in Northern California from 1999 to 2004, I was exposed to the profession of Massage Therapy. 


Being an artist and working in the corporate environment also for over 10 years and being able to go back to these often stressful environments and provide stress relief and health education for many in similar environments and all environments in general has been a great blessing. 


Becoming a massage therapist was fate; as I had never received a professional massage myself until prior to entering massage therapy school at NHI in Emeryville, CA.  My first inclination was to attend school to provide massage to dancers, which I will eventually be incorporating in the future, however, I was stopped in my tracks when I was introduced to the chair massage portion of my studies.  All I could fathom was being able to reach so many with the work in just minutes, everywhere and anywhere, (even at their offices!) to expose them to this wonderful work.  I could have the opportunity to educate those, who like myself, had never received a professional massage prior to my education at NHI.


Today, here I am back in my hometown of New York sharing and extending this work to a city that is so in need of relaxation and centering moments, after all this is the city that never sleeps and challenges us to work and strive to be the best in our prospective professions.  As New Yorkers, we are aware that if you can make it in New York City then you can probably make it just about anywhere! 


Massage is a great way to cushion the stress that a driving city like New York can create.  You might not know it if you have not been exposed to the work, but a 10 minute chair massage can go a long way in refocusing you and reminding you that even in our often driven lives, there’s still a moment to take a deep breath and relax and reflect on the true joy of life, finding that peaceful moment within ourselves.  Massage Therapy is definitely an assistor in that path and chair massage is an affordable non-time consuming way to do so.


I look forward to providing my hometown with the work that I love and support.  All therapists are licensed and ready to serve you with compassion, positive intention and intuitive touch.  To find out more about LE Therapy’s upcoming extension of services to New York and in general please join my mailing list. (Please make a note when joining the mailing list what services you would like information on, e.g.,  Massage Therapy, Salsa Instruction and/or both.)


Blessing & Health,


Gina A. Liccardo, CMT

President, Artistic Director

Liccardo Enterprises

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