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Now you can learn basic massage techniques ONLINE! 
Increase your wellness with
Massage Therapy!

All of our footage is taken live in the classroom. 
Read more about how our online system works by visiting our Salsa Mastery Package page where you can also learn Salsa Dance online as well!

Massage Workshop 1


Creating Body, Mind & Spirit Awareness

through Massage Therapy

Self Massage Techniques.


By creating greater awareness we have the power to correct that which is out of alignment and improve ourselves both mentally and physically to increase peak performance in dance and in our lives as a whole.  One of the greatest benefits we receive through massage therapy is a greater sense of self awareness.  In this workshop, you will learn how to trigger that self awareness in the body through self massage techniques.  You will learn a basic massage sequence of techniques that you can perform on yourself and that you can incorporate into your daily routine to increase self awareness within your body, mind and spirit. 


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Massage Workshop 2


When to Get What Type of Massage - Partnerwork Pre-Event Techniques Geared Toward the Athlete and Dancer


Have you ever gone to get a massage and had a list of different massage modalities to choose from?  How do you know when to get what type of massage?  This workshop is geared specifically towards the performance dancer.  You will learn which type of massage will benefit you the most at different points of your training, from prepping for a show, to cooling down after a show, to down time in between performances.


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Workshop 2 not available for purchase at this time.

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