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For the Professionally Trained Dancer and Performer Looking to Expand Their Repetoire to the Field of Latin Dance


Discount for Dancers is a special program designed as a precursor to the LE Training/Professional Dance Company Project (See Below).  Discount for Dancers is created to encourage and introduce the professionally trained dancer to Latin Dance, specifically NY Club Style Salsa On2. 


The Discount for Dancers Program opens its doors to 20 dancers per six-month period.  All candidates must audition to participate in this one of a kind program geared towards the dancer who has scheduling difficulties or financial constraints that don’t allow them to consistently study at LE Therapy on a consistently committed basis. 


Candidates who demonstrate a keen interest and commitment to this dance form and the LE Salsa style may be invited and encouraged to participate in the LE Salsa Training Program or directly into the LE Salsa Dance Company.


Discount for Dancers Rates:


One and a Half-Hour Class Rates:*


Single Class:   $16

8 Class Card:  $105 (Good for 1 month)

8 Class Card:  $112 (Good for 2 months)


One-Hour Class Rates:*


Single Class:   $12

4 Class Card:  $36 (Good for 1 month)

4 Class Card:  $40 (Good for 2 months)


Private Instruction:


1-Hour Private:    $65

1.5-Hour Private: $90


The Discount for Dancers Program is a cash-only program.  No checks or credit card purchases are accepted.  Please see “Pricing” for LE general payment polices.


*All courses are taught in a progressive manner.  Candidates are required to purchase Video Classes for the Course they are participating in if they cannot keep up in class and need extra assistance.  Video Classes are $5 for an entire 4-week course and $6.50 for Specialty Courses (Ladies Styling and Intermediate Sampler).  Single Video Class Purchases are also available as well as single excerpts.  Please See "Video Instruction Online Class Excerpts" for more details.  All candidates are required to begin instruction in Level I regardless of their dance level.  If Candidate cannot due to a schedule conflict, Candidate is required to purchase the Level I course online and review the pertinent material and concepts necessary to excel in a higher-level class.

Request Invite to Audition for the Discount for Dancers Program:

Email pics & resumes/bios to
Call 888-857-0979 to arrange appointment to be seen.

Extend your Dance Repertoire to Latin Dance! 
Salsa Instruction customized for the trained performer.


The LESTP is a groundbreaking program, in that it is designed to provide high quality dance instruction/training and body awareness at half the rate charged by top salsa programs in the New York City area.  The uniqueness of this program stems from its inception, which is geared toward the professionally trained dancer and moves at an accelerated rate, while still addressing beginner through advanced stages of Salsa dance instruction.  The techniques and concepts you will learn can be applied to other forms of dance and movement to increase efficiency, effectiveness and contribute to your overall movement functionality and performance.


The main objective of the LESTP is to train and prepare you for a future in Salsa performance art with the LE Salsa Dance Company.
Requirements to Audition for the program are:
(a) Trained dancers - Male (5'10 and over) and Female (e.g. jazz, funk, modern, ballet, hiphop, afrocuban, tap, etc.),

(b) Male Salseros at an Intermediate Level (5'10 and over) who are interested in training to perform; and

(c) Male models and actors with stage experience and dance potential. 

More About the Program:


The LESTP for Professional dancers and performers with dance potential looking to extend their knowledge of dance into the field of Salsa dance, specifically nightclub New York Style Salsa.  Monthly fee of $100 - will include 2-4 hours of training per week.  You will learn about the roots of the dance, musicality, latin rythms, solo footwork, partnerwork and the art of leading and following.  Those dancers who excel in the program will be invited to join the LE Dance Therapy Salsa Company forming in 2008.


View a training session at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJbGaioRNY8 ,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IGbi7Hjypc , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOao7UZdtGQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iOcgZEf2s8





About the Director:


Gina A. Liccardo has a BFA in dance and has been dancing Salsa for over ten years.  She is also a Certified Massage Therapist.  She will help facilitate the transition from your current training to the art of salsa.


Request Invite:

Email pics & resumes/bios to
Call 888-857-0979 to arrange appointment to be seen.
LE Daily Training Location:  TBA

LE Monthly Training Fee - $105