Community & Work-Study Programs

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LE Salsa Neighborhood Watch Program
How where I came from has effected where I am today...

The East New York Project

Me & my dad in the backyard at my house on Jerome Street, East NY Brooklyn

Chris, Dad, Anthony, Joe, Little Me & Cousin Peter at St. Michael's Church

The Liccardo Enterprises Salsa Neighborhood Watch Program (LESNWP) is intended to support the community in which I spent my formative years.   Predominantly surrounded and raised in a Latino community has obviously affected my destiny and what I am doing today.  Being of Italian-American decent, I might never have been exposed to salsa dance, if it were not for my neighborhood friend Joyce Ramos of Puerto Rican heritage, who exposed me to my first Latin nightclub experience at "Casa Borinquen" on Myrtle Ave.  

I recently spent the year of 2006 instructing classes at the local YMCA on Jamaica Avenue, hoping to reconnect with my past and thinking that perhaps this was a full circle moment for me to return to the place that birthed my desire to salsa, however, the conditions (floor, etc.) proved non-conducive for a salsa dance class. 


During that period of time, I realized that I wanted to give back to the community which had influenced the direction and destiny of my present day life. 


As I wasn't in a position to open a teaching facility in the area, it dwelled on me that perhaps, if I couldn't travel to my childhood community and provide my services, perhaps I could bring my community to me and offer my services at a discounted rate, and so the LE Salsa Neighborhood Watch program is born today.

K-1 graduation dance at PS108, even back then it was hard to find a partner tall enough for me!

This program is my chance to reconnect with the place I call my true home East New York/Cypress Hills, Brooklyn and the residents of that community.


Here are some of the memories that evoke nostalgia for me:  waking up to my neighbor practicing his conga drums, attending my neighbor's barbeque equipped with live pork churning, attending numerous house parties where I discovered my favorite merengue jam "Abusadora," affectionately nicknaming my friend "Cinquenta" (unaware that I had named her after the number 50!), exiting the J train and walking down Fulton Street past the C-town on Jerome St. on my way home from school, attending PS108 and IS302, playing tennis with my family and friends at Highland Park.  Spending my summers playing double dutch, hop scotch, kick the can, skelly, box ball, coco livio and slap ball among other local street games.

Family day of tennis at Highland Park

Mom Entertaining the Crowd at the Highland Park Tennis Clinic

Are You Eligible?
In order to be eligible for the LE Salsa Neighborhood Watch Program (LESNWP), one must be a current resident in the zip code areas of 11207 and 11208.
Prospective Members will need proof of address and a photo ID.   With this eligibility, you will receive a member number and a discounted course rate.  Early registeration a week prior to an upcoming cycle is mandatory.  No exceptions will be made.
For more info on how you can apply for the LESNWP call 888-857-0979.

The East New York Project - Archive of our neighborhood!





Mission Statement of LE Salsa Work Study Programs


Work Study Programs are designed to provide group, private and specialized instruction for the Student through instructor assistance in a group class situation.  Work Study Programs range from partially discounted programs to fully discounted programs. 



Work Study Requirements/Eligibility


-         Student must be able to assist at an Advance-Beginner Level,  Level II or have professional dance training in another dance form.

-         Student must be able to assist in class and be able to take correction from instructor while assisting in class.

-    Student must be available to assist for 3-4 classes a week

-         Student must be knowledgeable of class syllabus, schedule of classes, pricing and general aspects of the business and perform necessary duties to ensure a smooth flow of class.

-         Student is required to arrive 15 minutes prior to start time of class.

-         Student must be punctual and available to work set hours of class, plus be available to meet prior to class to review movement for upcoming class.

-         Students must be evaluated to participate in a Work Study Program and must be available to commit to a minimum of a 1 year period to permanent assistant position.

-         Student must be able to travel to Queens*

-         Male Student must be a minimum of 6ft in height.

-     Female Student must be no taller than 5.5 and weight less than 125lbs.

-     Student must have an interest in progression to top level and/or performance level

-     Student must be between 19-30 years old

-     Must have Wednesday & Friday Evenings Availabilities, possible Monday Evenings as well.


Email Pic/Resume/Bio for consideration.  This is a contracted position.


Work Study Programs


Standard programs include two group classes and one-hour of private instruction per week.  During private instruction, we will review upcoming class patterns and you will receive private specialized attention with regard to the class pattern.  Specialized Work Study Programs may be devised if current standard programs aren’t in alignment with needs of both teacher and student.  For example, Student may only be able to work one class a week or the teacher may only need assistance for one class as opposed to two classes per week.  Instructor may be pleased with Student’s work and invite the Student to participate in assisting more classes or participating in more hours of work-study.


Basic Work Study - $40/per week.  Private instruction and class preparation will take place in Manhattan.


*Commuter Work Study – no monetary fee.  Strictly service exchange.  Private instruction will take place in Queens.

Commuter Workstudy Program Video Footage