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Full Body Massage

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“Ouch!”  You reach for the pain, you hold the injury, you press right at the heart of where the pain comes from, little did you know you were replicating a massage therapist’s humble beginnings.  Did you know the definition of massage is to “rub?”  When something is painful our natural instinct is to grab it, squeeze it, or “rub” it.  Massage Therapy has become an evolved form and practice of our body’s natural instinct to heal itself or maintain the healthy state in which it began.

Massage is Born…

The Diversity & History of Massage Therapy


Massage conjures certain key phrases such as healing of the “mind, body & spirit.”  The history of massage defines this statement.  Massage pioneers' backgrounds vary from scientific, psychoanalytic and practical circumstances which indicate the richness and totality of Massage Therapy.  Some of those pioneers include psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich, (a clinical assistant to the famous Sigmund Freud for six years), who founded psychotherapeutic body techniques, Dr. Johann Mezger of Holland who introduced massage to the scientific community as a form of medical treatment, and Per Henrik Ling, a fencing teacher who is credited with the development of what we now know today as the Swedish Massage.  Although Ling’s system was borrowed from the Turks, Ling was Swedish, hence the name “Swedish Massage.”


How Massage Can Benefit You

The all-encompassing nature of massage therapy addresses the tolls of everyday stress-related injuries to preventative health maintenance and body awareness.  Pulling from both Western and Eastern philosophies and techniques you will receive the massage that best fits your needs.  Whether you are someone who performs physically at a high level looking to maximize your performance as an athlete or dancer, someone recovering from injury who is interested in receiving on-going medical massage or someone who would like to receive massage therapy for stress-relief to enhance your well-being, we can address your specific needs.



Benefits of Receiving Massage Therapy

Increases muscle flexibility and range of motion

Increases circulation

Lowers blood pressure

Strengthens the immune system

Creates body awareness

Releases toxins and metabolic waste

Relieves headaches

Increases focus

Improves posture and breathing

Increases blood flow in the body

Lessens a sense of depression and anxiety

Increases a sense of well-being


Finding Peace Through Massage Therapy

Finding peace and flow within our everyday life can sometimes feel challenging.  Massage addresses the connection between the emotional, mental and physical.  In fact the 5 strokes of Swedish Massage literally work on what is known as “connective” tissue.  This tissue is most abundant in our bodies and serves to support many of the systems in our body which fight off disease and/or help to maintain a healthy state – the Lymphatic System, the Endocrine System and the Nervous System are some examples.


Draping & Client Safety

We provide you with comfort and a safe environment for healing by using a technique called Draping.  Although a client is unclothed he/she lies under a sheet and blanket on a table so that as the technique takes place all private body parts are unexposed.  With soft lighting, lubrication (e.g., oils, cremes, etc.) and music to enhance a relaxed state, and through the technique of proper draping, quality of touch and an intention of healing the client is able to get the most out of their experience.

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Locations in Manhattan and Queens

Price List


Back to Back Massage Special
Team up with a friend and book back to back massages and save!
(Please note massages must be scheduled back to back)

Back to Back Massage Special for Two (Half/25 mins each) - $60

Back to Back Massage Special for Two (Full/55 mins each) - $140

Purchase Massage Here

Payment must be received 48-hours prior to scheduling and booking your full body massage to ensure space rental.  Any rescheduling of your appointment must be done within 48 hours of your full body massage or you will be charged the full amount.  Massages are booked according to schedule of availability on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and some Sundays by appointment only.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment to fill out paperwork.  No insurance coverage is accepted at this time.  Space books rapidly so please try to book your massage as much in advance as possible to insure space availability.  All massage packages are good for
6-months from purchase.
Lateness Policy:  Please note that rooms are rented by the hour, if client arrives late they will only receive the portion of time left for their massage.  If space is available and no other appointments are scheduled, client is welcome to book extra time.  Therapist is not required and will not stay past 20 minutes of start time of massage if client hasn't showed and client will be charged the full amount.